Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill

Important Update:

This Weslo manual treadmill you were looking for is no longer available, take a look at the newer model:

Weslo Cardiostride 3.0 Manual Treadmill

The Weslo CardioStride Plus Manual Treadmill is a simple walking treadmill that offers cardio workout without breaking the bank.

A dual flywheel which helps the treadmill belt to roll evenly so you can enjoy smooth, natural motion.

Very similar to its predecessor Weslo AerobicStride in almost every aspect except that the Weslo Cardiostride Plus comes with a 3-position manual incline system with 13 to 20 percent range to help you increase calorie burn and reduce joint impact at a walking pace (Weslo AerobicStride has a 2 position incline).

Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill

Specifications of Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill, at a glance



We presume that you know what you really want when you decide to buy a manual treadmill instead of a motorized machine. As a matter of fact, one should never compare a manual treadmill directly with a motorized one since the price differential is so huge -- a basic motorized treadmill costs at least 2 to 3 times more money than a manual machine, and the more advanced motorized treadmill can cost 10 to 20 times (or higher) more!

This Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill may not be right for you IF:

1. Your body weight exceeds 250 pounds (because the maximum user weight of this treadmill is 250 pounds)

2. The span between the outer periphery of your 2 feet is greater than 12 inches (check the span as you stand with your feet spaced apart for normal walking), since the walking surface of the treadmill is only 13 inches wide.

Need a wider walking surface?

Take a look at Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill which has a walking surface width of 17 inches.

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