Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill

Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill Lightweight with wheels for easy portability, the Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill (model# 45-0900) is fitted with dual weighted flywheels for a smooth walking workout. The electronic monitor tracks your distance, workout time, speed and calories burned. With no electric outlet needed and no motor to maintain, you can use it anywhere. Adjust your workout intensity by choosing one of two incline positions, 10 degrees or 8 degrees.

Specifications & Features:

Stamina InMotion T900 Manual Treadmill Video Overview:



1. Inexpensive - Stamina InMotion T900 is probably the cheapest manual treadmill on the market.

2. Two incline positions - 8 and 10 degrees.

3. Dual weighted flywheel system means smoother workout in contrast to single flywheel manual treadmills.

Stamina InMotion T900 Twin Flywheels


1. Treadbelt width is only 12-3/8 inches, means too little room to walk comfortably.

2. Maximum user weight capacity is 225 pounds - This manual treadmill may not be right for you if your body weight exceeds 225 pounds.

Our Rating : 3.5 of 5

You may want to take a look at Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill which has a walking surface width of 17 inches as well as a higher user weight capacity of 250 lbs.

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