Manual Treadmill Quick Selection Guide

We created this quick selection guide to help you save time to easily shortlist those manual treadmill models that are most likely to meet your requirements, without spending hours reading all the reviews.

The Most Important Features of Your Best Manual Treadmill:

1. Rated user weight capacity must be higher than your weight. If you weigh 200 pounds, the rated weight capacity of your treadmill must be at least 200 pounds.

2. Large walking deck or belt surface - Unlike motorized treadmills, the walking deck of a manual treadmill has to be relatively small because its movement is user-powered. However, you should consider choosing a model that's sufficiently large so that it gives you plenty of room to walk without feeling cramped. Typical walking deck sizes of manual treadmills are about 13" width (this is also the belt width) by 41"/42" length. There are a few models which have belt width of 14" to 17", and deck length of 45" (great for tall users).

Please note: A wide belt tends to be more tricky to align than one that's narrower. Also, a wide belt generates more friction due to larger contact surface with the roller, which means, it requires more strength to move the deck each time when you begin your workout.

3. Incline - When you get used to your workout routine on your manual treadmill, you may want to make it more challenging by inclining the walking deck to increase your workout intensity. However, this is only possible if your machine has multiple incline options.

4. Flywheel - Twin flywheels offer a smoother and more consistent workout than single flywheel manual treadmills.

Unlike motorized treadmills, there are not many manual treadmill models in the U.S. market. The table below covers most of the popular models which you can quickly look through to shortlist the ones that are most likely to meet your needs, and then read our full reviews by clicking the model names/numbers.

Model Name/NumberRated Weight
Capacity (Pounds)
Walking Deck
L x W (Inches)
InclineFlywheelOur RatingApproximate
Avari A450-25525043 x 12.5FixedTwin3.6/5$235
Avari A450-26125041.75 x 12.53 levelsTwin3.8/5$255
Confidence Fitness Magnetic22040.2 x 15FixedTwin3.9/5$155
Exerpeutic 25026041 x 132 levelsSingle3.5/5$150
Exerpeutic 100XL32545 x 163 levelsTwin4/5$235
Phoenix 9851625041.5 x 13.5FixedSingle3.6/5$145
Phoenix 9851025041 x 13 FixedSingle3.7/5$150
ProGear 19023043 x 13.252 levelsTwin3.6/5$135
ProGear LX22527044 x 142 levelsTwin3.8/5$175
Stamina InMotion II25042 x 172 levelsTwin4/5$160
Stamina InMotion T90022541 x 12.42 levelsTwin3.5/5$125
Sunny SF-T808M22042 x 13FixedSingle3.5/5$140
Sunny SF-T1407M22042 x 13FixedTwinNew - To be rated$140
Sunny SF-T1408M22040 x 133 levelsTwinNew - To be rated$170
Sunny SF-T1409M 25041 x 133 levelsTwinNew - To be rated$180
Weslo Cardiostride 3.025041 x 17FixedSingle3.5/5$135